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Group Vision

To be a Leader in our chosen Markets by 2018 by building a strong bond with our Customer, our Stakeholders and Our Employees.

Group Mission

We recognize that to be successful it is necessary that we constantly keep evolving, rediscovering and reinventing while redefining our USPs to make an impact on all our Stakeholders, upholding Group Values and Ethics.





Integrity is defined as honesty in all aspects of our business dealings. We will demonstrate a certain belonging to the organization and will demonstrate our values as an example to others.


Respect for people

We recognize that respect for all our team members, contractors, consultants and other stakeholders is crucial to the personal and professional standards expected in our work place. We will embrace excellence and provide a working atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and enjoyment of work. We will be clear and concise in all our communication. Manage conflicts, responsibility and ensure that interpersonal skills are of good standard.


Accountability and Responsibility

Complementing the value of “Respect for People” it necessarily follows that we take responsibility and accountability for our actions. In all our dealings we will promote trust, openness, teamwork and pride in what we do.


Customer Focus

We will listen and adhere to customers’ expectations every day. We will deliver superior value to our customer and our stakeholders now and in the future. This means that each one of us takes personal responsibility to deliver a standard of service that goes beyond clients’ expectation.



We recognize that excellence is of the most paramount importance. Excellence also means listening to, identifying and exceeding expectations of the customers both internal and external. We shall continue to explore how we can add value to every business relationship. We shall strive to continually challenge our own methods and processes so as to improve constantly.